How to Close More Copywriting Deals on the Phone

client calls sales Dec 27, 2017

If you’re a copywriter and you want to make money writing for other people, I’d like to share just a few quick things that have worked for me.


Remember, the following are general tips—naturally certain industries and niches require more specialized attention and preparation. If you have a meeting coming up and want to find out what else you can do to make sure your meeting results in a job, head over to my Facebook group and my team and I will be happy to offer more guidance.


1. Be early.

I can’t stress this enough. If you have a set meeting time, there are only 60 seconds in which you can be “on time.” After that, you've probably already put yourself on bad footing with a potential client. So simple, so easy and — get this — so rare, that you can compensate for being an average copywriter, just by not being late.


2. Have an insight to offer.

This should be industry-specific and relevant to the prospect. Now, don’t misunderstand, it doesn’t have to be earth-shattering or even that brilliant. The thing I’m looking for as a client, is to hear you’ve done your homework and possess at least a rudimentary level of awareness and understanding of a job.

For instance, if your prospect owned the site,, I’d want you to know what that acronym stood for, and why that’s a “thing.” To have to explain my business model to you would mean wasting valuable time.


For more on that particular case study, visit my secret Facebook Group here.


3. Leave them wanting more.

New copywriting students often make this common blunder. In trying to impress the client, it can be easy to give too much. I like to spout my dad’s favorite quote about company in this case: “Anything longer than three days starts to stink!” In our case, too much information means they’re in no rush to reach you, and may just have all they need to complete the project without paying you a retainer!


4. Be ready to answer the question, “What is the next step?”

You wouldn’t write a sales letter without a call to action, and you shouldn’t jump on a call without having a plan with a price tag ready before the call. If you can’t be specific, at least have an idea for something that would push the prospect to pay a deposit and tie doing so to a result he or she states they want.


5. Regardless of the outcome, resist the urge to talk, much.

Your job is “investigator,” and you can learn about your ideal clients and how to find success in every call, so be question-oriented and listen, take notes or record the call when possible.


Of course these few tips are just for starters! If you want to seriously accelerate the speed at which your copywriting income rises, consider checking out my mastermind groups here:


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