How to Supercharge Your Copywriter Earnings

Did you know 65% of all the people who call themselves copywriters make LESS than $50K a year?

That stat disgusts me. Mainly because I was one of those sad sack copywriter-wanna-bes.

I didn’t know how to pull money into my bank account on command, like I do now. I didn’t know there was a system you could dial up or dial down, depending entirely on how much you wanted to make in any given month. Yes, there are systems. And the best of them are remarkably simple and actually easy to implement.

There are many of these systems (and six figure copywriters), yet 65% are still making peanuts. I believe any copywriter can when they coeasily be making six-figures, if they followed a system. I’ll share that system in full, in a moment.

But first, why do so many copywriters make so little money?

I think it the reason for this low output is down to a fairly significant problem. I call it a “failure to fulfill” and it manifests itself in low prices and feelings of low confidence. The outcome of that foul mixture is two-fold:

  • Failure to properly market their own services.
  • Failure, in the maximum, to achieve true potential.

If your prices are low, you probably have low confidence in your abilities too. But listen, it’s OK. I’m going to tell you how to fix it now. How do I, a six figure earner in year one, know about low income and low confidence?

I have to tell you:

I myself was in that “bucket” for several months. That’s the key. I hated it! Every month I tried to save money, it was a struggle just to pay the bills. I had bad clients in the beginning and no idea all I had to do to find better clients was to just charge more. And to do it enthusiastically and confidently.

Yeah, I know. You already know you need to charge more. But when you get on the phone, or sit down to price out a job, you fold. You charge low prices, too low. We all have this problem, always.

But there’s something you can do about it. In fact, your success is simple. 3-step simple:

  1. Get a coach.
  2. Work in as many industries and with as many clients as you can
  3. Create an inbound marketing system, based on results.

If you follow this plan, you will quickly discover several things:

Related to #1, you will be able to avoid many of the mistakes you would have made without a coach.

On #2, as you write copy for different industries, you develop an eye for what works across various markets. This ability only improves your marketing acumen and your deep understanding of human buying patterns. As this rises, you’ll discover more confidence, which always shows up when you meet prospects coming in from your inbound marketing system…

Most copywriters suck at marketing. This is a big problem and amazingly easy to solve. I recommend, if you’re just starting out as a copywriter, or if you’ve had less than 100 clients to date, to follow this system:

Take any copy job in any industry, until you hit the Magic Number, 100 clients.

You’re probably wondering where you’ll find 100 clients, much less one. Well, if you’d like to get amazing experience fast: go here.

And #3 that pesky evergreen ideal: the inbound marketing plan. I do it with email automations, but the possibilities are endless. Really. Just get to know your customers (by serving 100 of them) and I personally guarantee you’ll know where they hang and how to attract them.

So, by focusing your energy on #1 and 2, you will find the answer, for you, to the third. So get busy and find yourself a coach or a mentor who can guide you where you want to go.

Land more of those first 100 clients with this easy-to-follow checklist.

Who will your first 100 clients be? Let us know your predictions in the comments.


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