How to Get Paid as a Copywriter: The Tale of Two Plumbers

Uncategorized May 15, 2018

I like to use the metaphor of being a plumber for new copywriters.

If you’re a plumber, the oversimplification of your job is to unstop plugged toilets.

So, how does a plumber, in this oversimplified example, start their business?

Well, some will say, “go practice unplugging your own toilet!” And when you’re really good at this, then you go find a customer. Problem is, unstopping your own toilet, whether it needs it or not, doesn’t bring in revenue.

The other way, is to start out and ask people if their toilets need unstopping! That's scary, because it involves the risk of rejection and it can be hard, especially for someone who's introverted and wants to stay at home working anyway.

I believe entirely too many would-be copywriters do just that: they stay home. They avoid risk and spend all their time, practicing being a copywriter.

They're often well-intentioned, but vaguely aware they're missing the point, as they stay in their safe zones.

To that, I say: 

We can't be this way!

There are customers out there who NEED their problems solved! By YOU.

And bear in mind, I'm not saying it's totally bad, to go into practice mode sometimes. It's just that, I've met so many copywriters who get into a rut, and ultimately do few to none of the things that move them into the realm of running a profitable business.

The key piece that's missing?

A willingness to do what is uncomfortable, and hard. Remember:

Doing what is hard makes life easy... while doing what is easy makes life HARD.

What I'm recommending to you here is certainly not in alignment with conventional copywriting education today...

After all:

There's a lot of money to be made, selling copywriters more and more courses. Practicing practicing practicing...

I can hear the cash register ringing. 

Now, as a semi-famous copywriter who's enjoyed a small modicum of success, I could easily join the ranks of those other courses that teach you to practice being a copywriter.

It's a simple formula, and it looks like this:

You too can enjoy the "Fabulous Part-time Life of Writing and making Millions"

Just take my course and I'll keep you busy for a few weeks or months, until it's time to sell you another course that makes you feel like you're moving toward your goals! ...just give me your credit card, and I'll max it out!"


I'd rather do something that really "moves the needle."

That's why I created my Upwork course. 

It works. 

But you don't even need to buy my course to get what I teach. The message that permeates all 28 days of that course is found right here in this 100% free blog:

1. Stop practicing, and go find a customer. 

2. I'd also recommend some books. On business, not copywriting. You are already a copywriter, now go find some business.

3. Then, screw it up! You will. Failure is an integral part of every success story.

Find your failures, fast as you can, and you will enjoy success in equal measure to your willingness to FAIL.

And if that doesn't work out, I'll buy you a plunger. 



There is a client out there today who knows less than you. Needs you. Wants to hire you. Find him or her, today!


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