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Congrats! You’ve gotten a prospect to agree to a phone call. That’s a huge first step. But now, if you’re like most copywriters, a bunch of new doubts are showing up.

  • What if they ask about previous samples?
  • What if I don’t know how to help them?
  • What if I haven’t done the project they want before?

These are valid questions, but you don’t really need to answer them before you attend the call.

Why? Because they aren’t relevant to your prospect.

Your prospect agreed to a phone call for a reason. Maybe they have a specific project in mind. Maybe they just want to know if you can help them in some way. Whatever the reason, you’ve been given a huge opportunity to impress them.

Even if they don’t hire you, there’s still an opportunity to work with them in the future or for them to refer other people to you. You don’t want to throw this opportunity away.

Picture this, with me, if you will: copywriters who have just begun their journey, have many paths. But only one of dozens leads to that fabled lifestyle.

And it’s not worrying and futzing about over having samples of every project type.

You know what I’m saying?

  • An email sequence
  • Sales page
  • Direct mail letter
  • Industry relevant clients
  • Website
  • And so on…

Point is, you should be spending your time writing for real clients, and real dollars. In the fight. Not at the gym, hugging on the heavy bag. Are you ready to land double your income? There is a system that produces high-paying, high-profile projects and takes less than ten minutes per client. Of course there are some stipulations… and only the brave should read on.

The Quick Research Method

A prospect may have a lot of reasons for not hiring you.

They hired that other guy.
The project gets blown off the schedule when the boss has an affair.
The person was “just-kiddin’” about that project..
They don’t have a specific project need right now.
They thought you was a pansy-wearin freak.

These are just a few of the infinite number of reasons your deal might flop when you speak on the phone. What? You haven’t had a client yet? No worries. I like to share real-life examples. I actually pull from my own business many true life stories. Money and everything. You’ll see the real world of six-figure copywriters.

So, here’s where things really get hairy. If you’re a copywriter, or aspiring, you likely tend toward introversion. And what’s this about a phone? I’ve even had clients demand Skype or Zoom face-to-face.

One guy wanted to look me in the eye.

I saw fear. He hired me. But things don’t always work out. So, you play this part like a strategic gambler: you put ten minutes in play every time you prepare for a prospect phone meeting.

If you’ve set this up correctly,  

But you also don’t want to show up to the call unprepared. If you try to sell your prospect on the need for a generic free download, and they already have four available downloads from the home page, then you’ll never convert them.

Instead, you’ll use this quick method to come up with a list of suggestions on how he or she can improve their existing materials.

Strong Headlines

Your first minute on the prospect’s site should be spent reading the headlines, subheads and menu items on the website. Ask yourself:

  • Do they catch your attention?
  • Do you know what the prospect’s company does?
  • Do you know who the prospect’s ideal buyer is?

With a quick glance at the headlines and menu items, you should be able to answer these questions. If you can’t, you have a recommendation for how they can improve.

Check for Calls-to-Action

The next three minutes should be spent on calls-to-action. At the bottom of at least three pages, check if there’s instructions on what to do next. Every page on a website needs to include a call-to-action for what the visitor should do next.

Check as many pages as possible in three minutes. Make a list of any page that doesn’t have a call-to-action or where the call-to-action isn’t specific.

Check for Trust

This step should take one minute. This doesn’t require much writing, but it can improve a visitor’s experience and build trust with future customers. It also shows your prospect you’re more than an ‘order taker,’ but a strategist that looks at the whole sales cycle.

Is it obvious how to get in touch? Is there a phone number or email people can use to send a message? A real phone number or email is better than a contact form.

Is the website in date? When people are on the Internet, and they see a copyright date that’s years out of date, it makes them wonder if the site hasn’t been updated recently. It’s a little change that can make a big difference.

Social Media

You’ve used up half of your time so far. The remaining five minutes should be spent on social media. Even if your clients are in the B2B space, they should still have a social presence, even if it’s only on LinkedIn.

Social media helps with name recognition and branding. It also helps build SEO and authority with Google. Even if the social channels aren’t active, the name should still be claimed.

Check the social feeds for the business. Does the information on those sites describe what the company does and who they serve? If yes, move on to the next option.

What have they recently posted about? This gives you an idea about what’s happening in the company and what you can create to help them.

Your last two minutes should be on the social profiles of whom you’re talking to. Look at their LinkedIn and/or Twitter profiles. Is there anything you can mention in the call that they’ve shown an interest in?

For example, if they like baseball, mention it in the conversation. Either open the conversation with this or relate it to what you discuss. It makes your conversation stand out above anyone else they speak with.

So, now you have a 10-minute plan to research your prospect and stand out during your prospect call.

This is the first of steps you can use from my 5-step checklist. I've reserved a PDF version for you here.


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