Brian Tracy's #1 Wealth Secret (Why Are You Telling Everyone What You Make?)

I've got a lot of pet-peeves. Talking about them usually gets me in trouble, but this is my blog so I'm going to do as I like. 

I am sick and tired of people who endlessly brag about how much money they make.  Where's the boasting when it comes to actually helping people?

And don't point me toward your testimonials page.

I don't even care if you've got video...  Guys who make multiples of millions per year should have thousands of video testimonials, not 16.

Yet, to them we flock.

Lured by false promises and sweet nothings in our ears. 

And our fat, bloated workaday selves chase these pipe dreams, spending thousands, tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars on programs, and courses and retreats. 

What no one seems to get is that robotically dropping $8, 10, 20 grand on a guru for access ought to mean there should be another column next to the monthly income showing how many clients actually achieve results, versus those who fall behind, miss a class and ultimately never, tragically, get anything done.

For me, for now, until I really dial in the psychology of propelling every student through my course, to results, I don't want much of that perverse "I'll show you mine" mentality. 

Brian Tracy taught me that when I help enough other people get what they  want, I can have everything I want. 

Amen to that. 

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