How to Write A Show-Stoppingly GREAT Linked In Profile

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2017

Love me some Mikes...

Michael Jordan

Michael Jackson (RIP)

Michael Keaton

Michael Strahan

... but there's one Mike, who, in my book, knocks all these rich and famous Mikes out cold (like Mike Tyson):

Mike Campion.

Who, sez you? If you don't know about the myth behind the Freaking Genius, well, don't worry. All's forgiven, soon as you zoom over to hear one of his amazing interviews.

After that, I'll tell you why Mike Campion is my top Mike:

His Linked In Profile.

(And it's not just because he mentions Neil Patel, Russell Brunson, Jesse Moskel and Michael Stelzner in the same breath, though it helps, Mike, it helps...)

Here's the best part:

Mike's not even technically a copywriter. Of course if you know me at all, you know I will argue to my last breath that to find success in the entrepreneurial arena, you've got to be at least a solid copywriter, in addition to having entrepreneurial vision.


Mike Campion has both.

And in our world, where Linked In is revered by some and disparaged by me, Mike has pulled off what I'm quite sure is one of the top ten coolest linkedin profiles of all time. 


If you use this platform, Be Like Mike... but NEVER like the other 98.9% who post crap that's nearly unreadable, corporate-speak. Remember the only sin in advertising is to be BORING. 

This Mike's NO SINNER!

Enough talk... Check Mike Campion's stellar profile out, with your own eyes, right now:

And when you've had enough, do me a solid:

Hop back over here and join the conversation--leave us a comment and tell us what you like, or didn't, about Mike's profile!

Stay Hungry, Hustle Hard and for goodness sake, Be Funny!


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