What Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Hiring AWAI-Trained Copywriters

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2017

It’s often a mystery to me why certain industries have stringent regulations on who can participate, while other businesses are completely ignored.


Take copywriting—few things are more crucial for a business's success than having great copy. Yet, we have absolutely no regulation and few legitimate certifications I know of.


That said, there is one body who’s work, training and reputation are worth noting…


American Writers and Artists Incorporated, or as I only know them, AWAI.


This was the first outfit I became aware of when I entered the professional writing world in 2013. They’re still the only one I know of worth writing a post about. Here’s why:


1. They certify and train the best writers I know of in the industry. Peers of mine, like Bob Bly, Dan Kennedy and Brian Kurtz all highly respect the outfit, and do business with AWAI. I’ve personally taken a few of their expert, high-polished copywriter training courses. I can attest to their effectiveness. If you want to become a better copywriter, or just hire a damn good one to do that work for you, your likelihood of success increases tenfold when you look for one of their graduates or students.


2. ALL of my staff copywriters here at CopyKickstart are past grads of AWAI. This never fails to amaze me. In 2015 I traveled to Del Ray Beach and met with 400 of AWAI’s most serious students. I came away with my first copywriter, Gary Mull, who has become, in a very short time, someone I trust absolutely. So much so, that last year Gary and I wrote a book together. We are working on a second now.


In years since, I’ve had the honor to work with other up-and-coming writers, especially in my Mastermind. Names I trust include:


Elizabeth Marks

Marcus Giotto

Don Dicicco &

Ron Warne (who run an agency together)


These are but a few of the quality wordsmiths I’ve met, and currently work with who have been with AWAI. And I can’t forget to mention my current CMO, Kimberly Weitkamp.


Kimberly is an asset of the highest order. She’s got copy chops and marketing strategy which I am continuously impressed with. I grudgingly extend my strongest recommendation  for her—If you need travel copy (B2B or B2C), she’s a guru—just don’t completely steal her from me… I need her, too!


Some might wonder why I’d write a post and boast about a company which is in fact a direct competitor of mine.


The truth is, I’m honored to have people who’ve come from AWAI in my own mastermind program and courses. Their fundamental approach and high-intensity training means when I engage with serious, full-time writers I can skip past rudimentary stuff and put them on high level projects, and you can too.


The other reason is because I believe in a super-abundance. There is a bountiful blue sea of talent and business for those who require excellence in copywriting.


There’s enough for all of us.


If you want to hire anyone of my team I will warn you: we tend to be highly specialized and we don’t write for every industry. Further, we’re expensive.


If you don’t scare easily, you may inquire on the “hire” page of this website. If we don’t write for your industry, it’s a great pleasure to refer business owners whose projects require specialties we can’t or won’t provide…


And besides, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my five years as a CEO, it’s that entrepreneurs like you are constantly reinventing yourselves.


So if we’re not a match this go-round, perhaps we’ll work together on your next great idea.


If you’d like to meet the writers behind Copykickstart’s success, head on over to the secret Facebook group and request to join, where we’ll give you a 100% free copy review of any one webpage or email of your choice.




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