The 5 Secrets To Closing Big Copywriting Deals  (hint #3 is where most would-be deals get messed up!)

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It can be hard to succeed as a copywriter. There's a lot of yelling, pushing and shoving. When you employ the simple formulas in this PDF, you can step over all your competition and discover the "tiny hinges that swing BIG doors" on the road to copywriting success. 

Join me, and together we can meet on the prosperous road to the top!

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During my last public speaking engagement (at Dan Kennedy's signature event, The 2017 GKIC Renegade Millionaire), I revealed how copywriting helped me escape a life sentence in a Thai Prison. BUT... I left out the best story, and Dan was PISSED! The only place I tell that story now is here, to my loyal and good-looking subscribers.

Laugh Your ASS Off....

Yeah, sure I'm a copywriter at heart, but as variety is the spice of life, you'll also get reports from my other misadventures: the inside scoop on real-life experiments, foreign adventures, my real estate biz, and plenty of hilarious tales crammed full of funny, wisdom, failures and outrage!

Motivation and Inspiration

Did you know 8 of 10 people HATE their job? If you have read this far you can tell: I'm a ringleader in the 20% of humanity who LOVES life. And if you like the idea of more FUN in your day, kick in your step and wearing a wry smile that lets the world know you know something they don't, well, what are you waiting for?

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