Where Are You At With Your Business?

We help launch well-funded new businesses, with proven concept of course, as well as tightening up and building new funnels for established, household brands.

Kickstart is a full-service advertising agency with complete production capability.



It all begins with a call





"Precisely, who are you, in your client's minds?"

Answer this question

1. deliberately,

2. articulately and

3. thoughtfully,

...and the result is always the same:

Sales go up. 

It's called alignment. We all benefit when an expert peers under the hood. 


Every time.

You'll never fail...

IF You Do This Work.

When you finally have absolute clarity on who you are...


  • You'll Discover "Absolute Freedom," as it exists on this planet today.

  • We'll draw out your company "superpowers,"

  • Highlight exactly what you do better than anyone else. Then,

  • You'll launch your advertising campaign, one that's ON POINT and,

  • you finally SCALE your business. 


Do you want more sales?

Let's Talk About It...

"You’ve already gone above and beyond so I want to thank you!"












How Do You Feel About Copywriting?


This question is at the heart of how I screen for clients.

I just can't work with anyone without the ability to recognize direct response copywriting when he or she sees it.

My ideal client could write solid copy without me. 


You're already running a successful online business.

And you'd rather have a professional quickly move on your most critical copy pieces...

Offer fresh insights...

Create additional streams of revenue...

 Upgrade your copy with an expert and watch profits rise.

This works, "only" in every business I've written for in the past decade.

If you ain't scurred, Let's Talk Copy.

Grab Your FREE CONSULTATION and Secure an Advantage Over Your Competitors Today.





Magic Funnel Formulas

Ready to Put Your Work Out There for The World?


If You're an Expert on Any Topic....


We will create an "offer ladder," and present it to your best potential customers, worldwide.


>>> Build or UPGRADE Your Funnel HERE >>>





> Do you have a list of attentive customers & clients?

> Are you excited by the prospect of teaching in a "one-to-many" format?

> Do you want to build an Evergreen Product You Can Sell Forever?

We can guide you through this process...


Scroll to the bottom for a consultation.

"Of the Forbes 500 list of richest people in the world, fewer than 50 have fortunes that were not, or are not, substantially dependent on direct mail. " --Dan Kennedy



Do You Want To Grab Your Prospects "by the Eyeballs?"

* * * 

If you're in this game LONG TERM and you know how to calculate CLTV, let's have a conversation.

* * * 

We Offer Direct mail Solutions Based On What's Working Today.


Billion Dollar Marketing Professional Reveals His ONLY Source for TOP Results In PPC Campaigns...

Dave Sorrendino, the Advertising Master here at Copykickstart has lifted multiple clients into the stratosphere with Ed Downes, Owner of the great Digital Marketing Agency, Non-Stop Customers.





We are different and we like it that way - but some people simply don’t. We have a quirky sense of humor - we are a little offbeat - and we march to the beat of our own drum. If that bugs you, no hard feelings. But we have to be true to ourselves.

Drink The Kool Aide At Copykickstart!

Global Pageant MC Gets His Due With Direct Response Creativity.... INSIDE SCOPE HERE:

Tim Tialdo Wanted To Go Big Time In His Career. He Achieved His Masterpiece With a Hand-Crafted Approach From Copykickstart...

Gary Mull, Published Author and Successful Copywriter

"I'm 51. I don't have time to suffer through all the failures. I wanted a shortcut ... and found it with Copykickstart!"

We Won't Work With You Until We Meet, Face To Face....

The first step in any fruitful business partnership is a video conference. We take the initative and offer you a FREE 20-minute "Razor-Focused Business Consult"

Improve Your Web Copy

"...knows how to ask the right questions and is quick to deliver powerful copy."

--Kim Hinson

Dial Into Your Target Market

 "And…. I’ve booked 4 just from your one email today …. what????"

--Amy Fraughton

Scale Your Ad Campaign

We work with a limited number of revenue share clients, running entire marketing efforts. This requires a long-term relationship, TRUST, and a steep investment in our work and philosophy. Of course, meeting those requirements guarantees a long and fruitful relationship with your business.

We Sell Money At a Discount.

If You're "ALL-IN" and Ready To Take Action, Schedule a Call here.


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